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For me, for you, for everyone

At Sibari Republic we do not make distinctions; we do not understand gender, race or age. That is why each of the products in the first line contains one of the colors of the rainbow. All of them form the Origin line, a line that covers the essential needs of all skin types. From the union of all its colors, the black color is born, the representative color of the line.

Once the first line is created, specific needs arise, marked by each person in the different moments of their lives.
For this reason, we work day by day researching and developing new formulas to create lines that cover all these needs and we represent them with one of the colors that started the brand.


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Our values

At Sibari Republic we are guided by 4 essential values. Get to know them.

Our history

Discover the origin of our first creation; the Origin Serum.

Physical stores

From people to people, that’s why we visit the cities in person.

Online stores

Shop for all your favorite products without leaving home.

A name with a lot of history

Have you ever wondered where the term sybarite comes from?

The word comes from the gentilicio of the people of Sibaris, a colony that was created in 720 B.C. in the region of Calabria, Italy.

It is said that the people of Sibaris were the people who most admired the value of time, art and music; the care that its inhabitants demanded to receive, made their gentilicio, an adjective, a way of life.

We adopted this name because of the way it represents our philosophy of life; we are lovers of the cult of the body, mind and well-being. We seek excellence and talent in every product.

We are represented by the color blue, but not just any blue, but Klein blue, the color created by the artist Yves Klein. This color is very particular because it uses the essential ingredients to obtain the best final result, exactly as we do with our active ingredients.

We make each product in an artisanal way, as art pieces are made; with care and dedication and respect, but above all, we are demanding, very sybarites with how and with what we take care of our skin.

As you can see, we are very sybarites and we are clear about the value of time and skin care. And you?

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