Biomedical Heritage

We are supported by a decade of experience on developing biomedical projects. Our innovative technology (protected by two international patents), has been used for the creation of smart nanohydrogels for active ingredient controlled delivery and release.

We believe that, transforming and efficient skincare, comes from modern science and a new cosmetic point of view, based on the recent pharmaceutical developments.

As hyaluronic acid product development experts, we take care of the production by using The Slow Manufacturing Process to assure the formation of the three-dimensional structure of hyaluronic acid hydrogel.

This is how Sibari Republic was born, a cosmeceutical product range based on scientific knowledge and with the responsibility of improving people’s health and quality of life.


Pure coincidence. A mix of knowledge and inspiration drew Sibari Republic’s borders.

Raúl, our chief science officer, was working on the research and development of nanohydrogels, nano scale particles that release drugs in a controlled way at different scales and frequencies.

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that takes part in our daily live. The galenic design of new formulations for the pharmaceutical and health sectors, generated a great amount of hyaluronic acid knowledge and awaked our interest in the generation of new applications. Thus, we decided to widen our horizon and create a new formula for skincare.

Raúl began to work on a formulation that brings together the best properties of hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients for topical application. Thus he got the first facial Serum out of our laboratory.

At the beginning products were tested among company’s workers. Due to the good feedback obtained, we decided to give the product as a gift to visitors and external people.

Later, lots of these people called us asking for more product, as they were very pleased with it. We realised that the achieved knowledge on hyaluronic acid was very useful in the cosmetic sector.

However, we tried our best to improve the gift product and achieve the best serum on the market.

An anti-aging concentrate was developed, getting the maximum properties and benefits from the active ingredients. After several months of research and a lot of thinking, we found the perfect formula.

Serum Origin was born, Sibari republic was born.

All photographs have been taken within our laboratories located in Parque Tecnológico de Álava (Basque Country).


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