All of our actions are oriented towards the following ethical commitment and values

No animal testing

The EU has made this very clear: the testing of cosmetic products on animals is banned. At Sibari Republic we comply with this European regulation to the letter and don’t carry out this type of testing in any of our cosmetics’ production process. We also avoid using ingredients of animal origin. You can be assured that at Sibari Republic we will always guarantee the quality of our products and will never jeopardise the safety of your skin. Never.


For us, it is of the utmost importance that all Sibari Republic products have a pure raw material of the highest quality and in the highest concentration in order to meet our objective: maximum efficiency with long-term effects.

We always use the least number of ingredients possible but the ones that we do use are scientifically validated as to their efficiency and innocuousness. LESS IS MORE. This is why the composition of our products is free from controversial synthetic ingredients, such as parabens, phthalates, synthetic perfumes, etc.

If you have any questions, take a look at our products’ lists of ingredients.

Recycle and reuse

We like to use materials which leave the smallest footprint possible on the environment. For this reason, glass and recycled cardboard are the stars of our packaging, as long as using them doesn’t jeopardise the safety of our products.

If you throw glass away with your general rubbish, it will go into landfill or to the incineration plant. Recycling glass reduces pollution by 20%, so we also invite you to commit to looking after the environment by recycling our products’ packaging.

Reuse, another one of the ecological “r’s”, has come to form a part of Sibari Republic and, for this reason, we urge our clients to give our products’ boxes a second life: resistance and design guaranteed.

The university: our field of collaboration

Continuing to train scientists, professionals who will go much further than Sibari Republic. Sharing our experience with them and collaborating in their new projects. That describes our relationship with the different universities that we support, not just economically but also by providing advice and participating in work groups.

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