Efficacy Assessments of the products of Sibari Republic

Efficacy Assessment done under dermatological control by independent laboratories.

 We are a co-working team that from the beginning has believed in the power of knowledge, a stepwise process and a full commitment to research as the only way to get the best cosmeceuticals. And so you trust them as much as us, we show you the results of efficacy assessment.

Anti-pollution Cleansing Gel

In vitro test

The aim of this study is to measure the protective capacity of a given product against the oxidative stress generated by urban pollution. In the study, reactive oxygen species (ROS) were quantified after subjecting the skin cells (fibroblasts) to dust particles obtained from an urban environment (smog).


As shown above, the Sibari Republic Anti-pollution Cleansing Gel has a protective capacity against ROS generated by urban smog of 24%, 21% and 29%, respectively.

In vivo test

In the Use Test performed under the supervision of a dermatologist, 55% of the participants considered that the product was better than other similar products present in the market and 70% would recommend its use.

In addition, the participants in the study believed that:

  • the use of the product does not irritate the skin, 100%
  • the product is suitable for their skin type and leaves the skin clean, 80%
  • the sensation after product application is pleasant and the skin looks more radiant, luminous and matte, not shiny, 75%
  • the product leaves the skin hydrated, toned, fresh and doesn’t leave the skin dry, 70%
  • 70% felt that their skin was soft and velvety smooth and revitalized with a healthier appearance


*Test carried out with clinical control by a dermatologist on 20 subjects for 2 weeks under normal conditions of use. The subjects were people of both sexes aged from 18 to 70 with all skin types, 80% of whom had sensitive skin.

Radiance Toner

The efficacy assessment of the product was carried out by means of a Use test* with clinical control by a dermatologist where the product was very positively evaluated by the subjects in the study.

  • 95% of users said that the product tones the skin
  • 90% said that the product leaves the skin softer and smoother
  • 90% of participants felt that their skin was cleaner, fresher and more purified
  • 80% thought that the product regenerated and revitalized their skin, unifying its tone
  • 75% said that Radiance Toner left their skin more luminous
  • 85% of the subjects said that, after applying the product, they experienced a pleasant sensation and their skin looked healthier.
  • 75% felt that their skin was more moisturised
  • 60% of participants noticed a decrease in the number of dilate pores, blackheads and impurities
*Use test carried out by an independent external laboratory over 4 weeks, on 20 subjects aged between 35 and 65, with all skin type and phototypes (Fitzpatrick), from I to IV.

Sérum origin

In vivo Test

The efficacy assessment with clinical control by a dermatologist was done by an independent laboratory on 20 subjects aged between 35 and 65, with all skin type and phototypes (Fitzpatrick), from I to V. The study was carried out by the external laboratory EUROFINS.

Each volunteer had to apply the product twice a day for 28 days. When doing this, they always followed the same procedure: apply two – three drops of the product to clean skin using a gentle digital massage until complete absorption.

The anti-wrinkle effect on the skin was evaluated with Silflo® replicas, at D0 and D28 (day 0 and day 28) which show the differences of the skin relief. The replica was taken in an area near the crow’s feet on one half of the face chosen at random.

Number of skin wrinkles

58% reductionwrinkle number

Wrinkle surface area

45% reductionwrinkle surface

Correction of depth of wrinkles

11% reductionwrinkle correction

Length of wrinkles

48% reductionwrinkle length

Before and after

Once taken, the replicas were then analysed with Quantirides® (Monaderm) software which determines the number, surface, length, and depth of the wrinkles showing the results before and after treatment with Serum Origin.


wrinkles effects


  • Very good skin compatibility.
  • The anti-wrinkle effect was proved, after 28 days of use, working mainly on little wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Between the 90-95% feel that their skin is moisturised, smoother and looks younger.
  • It reduces wrinkles and fine lines making them less visible.
  • It provides a filling-up effect.
  • The skin feels re-densified, looks healthier and the subject is left with a pleasant sensation.

Anti-fatigue Eye Contour

The clinical and instrumental Evaluation* of the product confirms that, after 30 days of treatment, there is a decrease in the percentage of people with intense bags and severe dark circles.

Reduction of Puffiness and Bags


Reduction of Dark Circles


Most of the study participants were satisfied with the efficacy of the product and would recommend it. After a continued use of the product, the positive effects perceived by the users were:

  • More toned skin, 86%
  • Hydrated skin, 76%
  • Decrease in puffiness and dark circles, 71%
  • Relieves the under-eye area reducing the signs of fatigue, 67%
  • Relaxes the eye contour, diminishing wrinkles and fine lines, 62%


*Clinical and instrumental evaluation carried out with clinical control by a dermatologist and an ophthalmologist on 20 subjects for 4 weeks under normal conditions of use. The subjects were people of both sexes aged 25 to 60 with all skin types, 50% of whom had sensitive skin.

Long-lasting hydration Calming Cream

The hydration level of the skin surface was instrumentally measured at 8, 24 hours and 30 days after treatment. The results show that the application of the product twice a day maintains the skin’s hydration level.

This long-lasting moisturising effect has been confirmed by the participants in the study; hence, 90% of participants recommend the product. Also, they consider that after the continued application of the product they:

  • have a feeling of well-being and an improvement in the elasticity of the skin, 95%.
  • feel that their skin is soft, smooth and revitalized with a healthier appearance, 90%
  • think that it protects the skin against drying and dehydration, leaving the skin fresh and free of fatty residues, 85%
  • feel that it soothes and calms the skin while itching, irritation and dryness disappears, 85%
*Clinical study carried out on 20 volunteers for 4 weeks under dermatological supervision. The test was performed on men and women, between 25 and 60 years old, phototype I-VI (Fitzpatrick) with all skin types, to ensure maximum product safety 50% of the panel had sensitive skin.

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