Our history

a journey from science to skin care

Mixing knowledge and inspiration

The history of Sibari Republic was born out of scientific knowledge and concern. Raul, our scientific director, had spent more than a decade researching hyaluronic acid for medical use. Throughout his research, he realized the potential it had for skin care; that is when he began to develop a formula that was able to stop the passage of time and take care of the largest organ of the body, the skin.

With the sole objective of improving people’s health and making the most of the properties and benefits of the different active ingredients, the brand’s first serum, The Origin Serum, was born.

“For me, for you, for everyone, for all.” 

From the origin to the line

Our team was the first to test the Origin Serum. After seeing how well it was received, we decided to broaden our horizons and give it as a gift to visitors who came to visit our laboratory.

The success was such that we decided to create a whole line dedicated to preventing the passage of time. After several months of research, we launched the first line of Sibari Republic, a line designed for you, for me, for everyone and for all, which aims to meet the essential needs of all skin types.

Hyaluronic acid, the brand’s hallmark

The main ingredient of all our products is hyaluronic acid, one of the main components of the skin. This component is responsible for moisturizing the skin and giving it a more youthful appearance.

Thanks to more than ten years of experience in the study of this field, we have been able to create products that enhance the benefits of this active ingredient to restore hydration and beauty to your skin.

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