Our Formula

We are people who prefer natural light to artificial light, who love to focus on you rather than the microscope and who enjoy searching for the best way to make your face glow and shine.

From the beginning, our team has believed that the power of knowledge, a smooth process and dedication are the only ways to achieve the best cosmeceuticals.

We are professionals who know that the only way to accomplish a unique and exclusive creation is through patience, time (plenty of time), research and a passion for innovation. This brings us to Sibari Republic. Any other way would be impossible.

And we’ve managed it! By increasing the effectiveness of the active ingredients in all our products. Because science works just as well as a holiday in Hawaii. We’re telling you as scientists, but mainly, because we’re people who like to face life with a positive outcome in our mind’s eye.

Made in The Basque Country

From the first idea to the final product, all the process is carried out in our laboratories located in Álava Technology Park, which is a national reference in the technological sector. Here, Sibari Republic is part of the biggest business group inside BIC Araba. BIC Araba is a centre that acts as revitalization instrument for the promotion of new innovative and/or technological businesses and promotes their development. 5 years ago, our project started with two employees in this centre. Now, in the moment of writing this text, we are already 29 employees.

We are manufacturers

Behind Sibari Republic there is Unikare Bioscience S.L., our own development laboratory, where we manufacture step-by-step innovative cosmeceuticals providing best solutions based on scientific knowledge.

We are passionate about researching and developing cosmetics to and for you (skintellectual). Let’s create together moments and unique care effective experiences.

Many ingredients are highly sensitive and require to be protected to maintain its effectiveness and achieve its goal within the layers of the skin. We work on the knowledge and development of new forms of encapsulation, based on natural biopolymers, which allow the protection of the encapsulated active ingredients, their transport and dosage in a controlled manner, Smart release.


We will keep you up to date with our latest news and offers.

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