Legal disclaimer

1.- General information. –

This Website is owned by UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. located in Calle Albert Einstein, 15 Pabellón 15. 01510.  Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava-Spain) and with CIF B-01563741 and e-mail address: unikare@unikare.eu  registered in the Mercantile Registry of Álava, Inscription 1, Volume 1647, Book 0, Page nº VI-18834

By using this website, as well as any sub-domains, micro-sites and/or subsections contained therein, you declare to have read, understood and accepted, without limitation or reservation, the terms of use stipulated in this Legal Disclaimer as well as the Privacy Policy which is available to you on this very website and which we strongly recommend that you read, the use of said website constituting the express and full acceptance of both the Legal Disclaimer and the Privacy Policy in the version in which it is published at the moment of access, notwithstanding the specific conditions or terms of use that may be applicable regarding some of the website’s concrete services, the prior acceptance of which being an essential requirement for accessing said services.

If you do not agree with the terms of this Legal Disclaimer, please refrain from using the website because, let us reiterate, the use of said website implies the acceptance of the legal terms stipulated both in the Legal Disclaimer and the Privacy Policy.

UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions which appear on this website, as well as to expand on content, information, etc., at any time and without prior warning and, therefore, advises that you revisit said information at reasonable intervals in case any changes have been made.

1.2.- Language. –

If we should translate this Legal Disclaimer, our Privacy Policy, or any other usage regulations, policies or procedures that may be published every so often on this website, if there is any discrepancy between the version in Spanish and a translated version, the Spanish version will prevail.

2.- Commercial communications and promotional content.

UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. informs its users that, as stated in Law 34/2002, of the 11th of July, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, if a prior contractual relationship exists, we will send you information regarding our activities, products and/or services (including promotional and/or commercial publications for the purposes of art. 21 LSSICE 34/2002). If you do not wish to receive this type of information and would like us to stop processing your data for these purposes, please send an e-mail confirming this to: unikare@unikare.eu and we will do so, allowing them to remain saved for the creation, exercise or defence of complaints. Withdrawing consent for the sending of this type of communications does not effect the treatment of your data for the rest of the purposes described in the privacy policy

If there is no existing contractual relationship, in compliance with consideration 47 outlined in the General European Regulation on Data Protection (regulation 2016/ 679 of the European Parliament and Council of the 27th of April, 2016) our legitimate interest in sending you information regarding our activities, products and/or services (via traditional methods or electronic ones) may constitute a legal foundation for processing your data, as long as this does not take precedence over your interests, rights or liberties, taking into account your rational expectations as to whether we would send you this information, or not, at the time and in the context that you provided us with your personal data, for example, if you provided us with a business card at a fair or during a commercial visit, or sent us an e-mail or contacted us requesting information, or placed an order on our website or subscribed to our newsletter … However, your interests and fundamental rights will always prevail over our legitimate interest if, when you provide us with your details, you don’t realistically expect or, directly, do not want us to send you this type of informative or commercial communications. Therefore, said communications (if sent electronically) will include, in the body of the communication itself, the option to unsubscribe and stop receiving them. If you opt for this, we will stop sending you this type of communications in the future. You can also request that we stop processing your data for this purpose by sending an e-mail to the address indicated in the previous paragraph.

3.- Intellectual and/or industrial property rights

The owner of the content and the elements that make up this Website is UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. thus making them the owner of its intellectual and industrial property and, in particular, all of the source codes, texts, images, design, logos, software, animations, databases, brands, trade name or distinctive sign, sounds and other graphic or sound elements on the pages of the Website. These elements do not constitute a finished list, but should rather serve as an example and said elements are duly protected in compliance with the Spanish and international legislation on Intellectual and Industrial Property.

The user is obliged to use the content in a diligent and correct manner, in compliance with the law, morals and public order. UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. grants the User permission to view the information featured on this website, as well as to make private reproductions (the simple activity of downloading and storing in their computer systems), provided that the elements are exclusively destined for private usage, as well as their exclusive use for journalistic purposes, provided that, in both cases, the integrity of the website is respected and the fact that the original source is this Website, belonging to UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. is identified. Any biased use, or use that goes against the nature of the website, is expressly forbidden.

Use of the Website content, as well as its distribution, modification, transfer to third parties, and reproduction, transformation or public communication, via any means and technology, is prohibited, with the exception of the purposes clearly outlined in the previous paragraph, with express and prior consent from UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. being necessary for any of the above. Any action that goes against this text will subsequently constitute an infringement of the regulation in terms of intellectual and industrial property rights.

The use of this website is, however, permitted provided that its integrity is respected and the fact that the original source is this Website, belonging to UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. is identified. Any biased use, or use that goes against the nature of the website, is expressly forbidden.

UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. reserves the right to exercise any appropriate legal actions in order to defend their rights.

4.- Safety

We have adopted satisfactory safety measures for this website in order to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information containing personal data. However, the User should be aware that the safety measures of computer systems using the Internet are never completely reliable and, therefore, we cannot guarantee the inexistence of viruses or other elements which may alter the User’s computer systems (software and hardware) or their electronic documents and files stored on said systems.


5.- Responsibilities. –

  1. a) General.

UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. wants this website to work as effectively as possible and serve the purpose for which it has been created, but they are neither responsible for any typographical errors, mistakes in forms or numbers that may feature on the website, nor the accuracy of the information therein, nor possible malfunctions or abnormalities in the way that it works.

UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. does not guarantee that the website and the server are free of viruses and is not responsible for any damage caused by accessing the website or, equally, the inability to access it.

The user agrees to the fair and legitimate use of this website, and to comply with the laws and the uses of traffic; they also agree not to undertake any behaviour which may harm the image, interests or rights of UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. or those of third parties, or which may harm, disable, overload or prevent the normal use of this website in any way

UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions which appear on this website, as well as to expand on content, information, etc., at any time and without prior warning and, therefore, advises that you revisit said information at reasonable intervals in case any changes have been made. Please read any of the website’s new legal disclaimers and terms of use which may be added. If you fail to do so, you should abstain from using and accessing the website. UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. accepts no liability and reserves the right to suspend and terminate access to the content of the Website, as well as to the services provided therein.

  1. b) Links and hyperlinks.

This website, which is the property of UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L., may provide you with a link or access to other resources or websites belonging to third parties which we consider of interest to you, but these websites are in no way managed by us.

The objective of said links may be to facilitate the search for resources that may interest you using the Internet.

However, said pages do not belong to UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. and they do not revise their content. Therefore, they can neither be responsible for them nor the services that they may provide, nor what is shown and/or available on said sites, the way that the linked page works, the way that they use and process of the data, the possible infringements that, as the case may be, they may commit or the possible damage that may arise from access or use of said websites, not implying the existence of any relationship whatsoever between UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. and the people or entities who own said content or the sites where it is found.

Therefore, UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. neither accepts any responsibility of any kind regarding the linked sites nor will answer for their performance, content and services stored on them or the possible links that may appear on said linked sites.

We strongly recommend that you read the corresponding legal disclaimers and, especially, the privacy policies of said pages before you provide them with your personal data and, should you have any doubts, we recommend that you contact said sites directly in order to obtain more information regarding their privacy policies.

Should the user become aware of any unlawfulness or inadequacy of the content, services or any other activities being developed by a linked site, they should communicate this to UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. immediately so that, when applicable, they can take any measures they deem necessary.

The presentation of a page from the website https://sibarirepublic.com on another which does not belong to UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L. is strictly prohibited (using a technique known as “framing” or any other techniques for the same or equivalent effects), as is inserting any type of content disseminated via https://sibarirepublic.com on a different website using the technique “in line linking”, or any other techniques for the same or equivalent effects, without express authorisation from UNIKARE BIOSCIENCE, S.L.

By using this website, we consider the user to have read this document carefully and understood and followed the advice therein. If the user does not agree with this data protection policy or with the advice provided in said policy, please refrain from using this website.

6.- Jurisdiction and competence. –

Should any conflict or dispute arise regarding the interpretation of these conditions, as well as any extreme related with the services available on this Website, the Applicable Law and Jurisdiction will be the Spanish one and the competent Courts will be those of Vitoria.



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