Biomedical Heritage

Our scientific knowledge in hyaluronic acid comes from the biomedical sector.

Efficacy Testing

Efficacy tests performed to products by independent laboratories and under dermatological control


Own manufacture

Formulation, development and manufacturing of products are performed by our scientific team in our laboratories located in Álava Technology Park (Basque Country).

Limited Edition

An exclusive product range only for Sybarites.

Ingredient selection

Product composition is thoroughly analysed before selecting the best active ingredients to achieve the desired effects on your skin.

Free shipping

Free shipping on the Iberian Peninsula. You will receive your order at home in less than 48 hours.


Proved efficacy cosmeceuticals

What does cosmeceutic mean?

Cosmeceutical products are cosmetic products with functional ingredients encapsulated inside particles. These particles protect the active ingredients, improving their efficacy, working in the skin from inside. These products are for people searching for maximum skincare and efficacy.

What is the difference between cosmetic and cosmeceutical products?

Active ingredient percentage in cosmeceuticals is greater than in cosmetics.
☑ They can penetrate the epidermis, beyond the skin layers where cosmetics reach.
 These products are guaranteed by rigorous scientific studies and high level technology.

☑ They protect the skin from degeneration and reduce its imperfections.
☑ The purpose of cosmeceuticals is to achieve a long-lasting improvement of skin appearance, not just temporary, working from the inside.
☑ They promote skin’s natural regeneration functions.


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